We have worked out that over the last 15 years, we have helped train over 1000 dogs using our kind, positive reward based methods, many of whom have gone on to success in agility, obedience and showing. Now we are getting owners coming back to us so many years later with their 2nd and 3rd dogs and it is wonderful! It doesn't matter if you just want a well behaved pet or to do more, we are here for you. Here is one little dog's story.


"I contacted Keyna soon after buying my 6 month old Norfolk Terrier, Barney. Coming from the Yorkshire Dales, I don't think he had experienced cars, bikes, horses etc and to begin with he was frightened, and then wanted to chase everything. Being on the road with him was a nightmare!! 

Keyna suggested joining the puppy classes at Brantham Village Hall. Everybody was very friendly and Barney loved meeting all the other dogs and soon made new friends!  Although I had owned dogs all my life, I had never been to classes - I learnt so much and Barney started to listen to me and learnt "Sit" and "Recall" very quickly.  We still had problems on the road so I had some individual lessons with Keyna - again learning so much.

Barney is now in the "Improvers" class at Brantham, and each week we learn something new. He is still not very good at Sit Stay, but is improving. I have also started to go to the Mini Agility class at Holbrook and Barney loves it! Again it is very good for socialising with other dogs plus another aspect of training and us humans enjoy the tea,cake and a natter!!!

I thank Keyna for helping me with Barney - he has become a wonderful dog -very sociable, loving all people and dogs and adores my grand-children!

Linda & Barney

puppy that came training